Hr Outsourcing

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HR Outsourcing is rapidly becoming an accepted management tool for redefining and reenergizing organizations. The most common reasons to consider HR outsourcing are to improve the quality and offerings of HR service delivery, increase productivity, save money and of course, to reduce the risk for your organization.

Excel Wise Consultants Limited provides you with ongoing support customized to your specific HR needs.
Essentially, we take care of the HR activities you would have an internal HR department perform, without the overhead. You can expect us to help communicate with management and mitigate employee concerns and questions so your time is freed up to focus on other revenue generating activities.

This does not mean we won’t recommend hiring an HR professional in the future as you grow your company. It is always our goal to recommend solutions that continue to fit your evolving needs and business. During this stage we give the client an upper hand, if the client prefers the HR to be coming once in a while per week or if they prefer having the HR stationed in their office lies within the clients decision.

Excel Wise Consultants Limited Sample Outsourced Services -specific service plan built to suit:
RecruitingLegal Compliance Assistance
Employee Records ManagementHandling Employee Relations Issues
Benefits Renewals, Enrollments, and AdministrationPerformance Improvement Plans and Terminations
Performance Review Design and AdministrationHR Strategy