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We identify the right human resource for our clients; ensure that you retain them by conducting regular staff surveys among other strategies.

Quality control certification, checked guarantee of standard of company product.

Jobs Evaluation

Job evaluation is a tool for determining the ‘size’ of a job, usually in the form of a number of ‘points’. It also allows us to compare different jobs.

Millennial employees gathered in boardroom for training, black boss ceo leader leading corporate team during seminar learning at modern office. Internship and leadership coaching and education concept

HR Consulting

HR consulting offers customized, reliable and best practices solutions focused on a specific project or outcome.Once the project

Manager plugging into his team a remotely working female freelancer to share a task with a permanent male employee. Technology concept for outsourcing, casual labor marketplace and mobile computing.

HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing is rapidly becoming an accepted management tool for redefining and reenergizing organizations. The most common reasons…

Focused multiracial corporate business team people brainstorm on marketing plan financial report gather at office table meeting, diverse serious colleagues group discuss paperwork engaged in teamwork

Employee Training

We believes that training is one of the most important criteria to build up a long term relationship with your staff and we

close up on woman hand pressing on calculator for calculating cost estimating , senior accountant job working concept

Payroll Processing

We provide flexible corporate payroll services that improve payroll management for employers of every size.We handle the time

Performance Appraisal

We appreciates that Performance Appraisals is the assessment of individual’s performance in a systematic way. It is a developmental tool

Baseline Surveys

We acknowledge that the key objective of employee satisfaction survey are to measure and understand employees’ attitude opinions

HR Audits

We seek to highlight that the relevant purpose of the HR Audit is to conduct a more in depth analysis of the HR function to identify areas

Strategic Plans

While there are no absolute rules regarding the right framework, most follow a similar pattern and have common attributes. Many frameworks cycle through some variation on some very basic phases:

Performance Management

Develop clear job descriptions, select appropriate people with an appropriate selection process,negotiate requirements and accomplishment-based performance standards, outcomes