Jobs Evaluation

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Job evaluation is a tool for determining the ‘size’ of a job, usually in the form of a number of ‘points’. It also allows us to compare different jobs, which in turn enables us to determine where jobs should be placed on the new pay and grading structure.

Excel Wise Consultants Limited has Job Evaluation Experts who have broad experience in Job evaluations for many years. They apply specialist techniques and procedures to acquire the desired professional results. Professionally conducted job evaluations support corporate strategic objectives and create an unbiased and indiscriminate reward structure.

Excel Wise Consultants Limited typical components of Jobs evaluation include;
  • Job Analysis– Job classifications, descriptions, and specifications
  • Actual job values/worth; Salary Structure/ Remuneration Scheme
  • Salary Survey Report containing recommendations on remuneration and benefits structure
  • Schemes of Service; Staff Maintenance and Retention; Performance Management and Appraisal System
  • A framework for harmonization of remuneration and benefits that would guide existing and future remuneration and benefits.