Performance Appraisal

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We Excel Wise Consultants Limited appreciates that Performance Appraisals is the assessment of individual’s performance in a systematic way. It is a developmental tool used for all round development of the employee and the organization. We measure performance with factors as job knowledge, quality and quantity of output, initiative, leadership abilities, supervision, dependability, co-operation, judgment, versatility and health. Excel Wise Consultants Limited Assessment is confined to past as well as potential performance also.

Excel Wise Consultants Limited will assist your organization in designing a streamlined, straightforward and tailored performance management system that considers your strategic goals, and includes linkages to job analysis findings and integration from a systems perspective.

We will facilitate the development of core organizational competencies, influence SMART goal setting, and clearly articulate expectations in order to have a measurable results-oriented tool for effective implementation. Excel Wise Consultants Limited’s performance management process is designed to be future-focused, support pay for performance programs, monitor milestones of goal achievement, and systematically improve the measured results of your employees and organization. Our process includes training for all levels of management and staff.

Excel Wise Consultants Limited methods of appraisals tools can be divided into two different categories.

Past Oriented Methods include:
  • Rating Scales: Rating scales consists of several numerical scales representing job-related performance criterions such as dependability, initiative, output, attendance, attitude etc
  • Checklist
  • Forced Choice Method: The series of statements arranged in the blocks of two or more are given and the rater indicates which statement is true or false.
  • Forced Distribution Method: here employees are clustered around a high point on a rating scale.
  • Critical Incidents Method: The approach is focused on certain critical behaviors of employee that makes all the difference in the performance.
  • Field Review Method: This is an appraisal done by someone outside employees’ own department usually from corporate or HR department
Future-Oriented Methods include:
  • Management by Objectives: It means management by objectives and the performance is rated against the achievement of objectives stated by the management. MBO process goes as under.
    • Establish goals and desired outcomes for each subordinate
    • Setting performance standards
    • Comparison of actual goals with goals attained by the employee
    • Establish new goals and new strategies for goals not achieved in the previous year.
    • Psychological Appraisals: These appraisals are more directed to assess an employee’s potential for future performance rather than the past one.
    • Assessment Centers: A central location where managers may come together to have their participation in job-related exercises evaluated by trained observers. It is more focused on observation of behaviors across a series of select exercises or work samples
    • 360-Degree Feedback: This is a technique with a systematic collection of performance data on an individual group, derived from a number of stakeholders like immediate supervisors, team members, customers, peers and self.